Foundry Workers Protest Plant Closure

Foundry workers from the Pacific Steel plant demonstrate outside a meeting of the Berkeley City Council, protesting a measure that could lead to the factory's closure.


A People’s Surge That Could Reshape Our Country

A people’s surge is heaving its way across the country with unexpected force. And in doing so, it is confounding pundits, challenging conventional wisdom and reconfiguring our nation’s politics.

The Current State of Affairs in Iran

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s rise to the presidency of the Islamic Republic of Iran in 2005 was the result of at least two interrelated factors...

Reducing Food Packaging Waste

Food packaging is a big problem in North America as well as elsewhere around the world, with landfills filling up and recyclers facing a glut of materials to process.

Bush Fear Card Ignored by Congress, Blasted by MSNBC's Olbermann

Lying has become a way of life for George W Bush and like the little boy who called wolf too often – the American public, the U.S. Congress and finally the media are calling his fear based bluffs and letting Bush hang – twisting in his own hypocrisy.

Workers Close Down Greece

The Greek working class closed down that country for 24 hours on Feb. 13 to protest another attempt by the right-wing capitalist state, run by Prime Minister Kostas Karamanlis, to weaken the country's pension system.

Japan: Labor Demands Canon Respect Workers Rights

On the early morning of February 8, about 100 union members converged on Canon Inc. Headquarters in Tokyo to urge the major camera maker to fulfill its corporate social responsibility by increasing wages, promoting temporary workers to full-time positions, and by raising unit prices paid to suppliers.

French President Sarkozy: a Millstone Around his Party’s Neck?

As the President’s party, the Union for the Popular Movement (UMP), is preparing itself for defeat in the oncoming local elections, all the initiatives taken by the President with a view to limiting losses seem to boomerang against him.

Unilateral US Intervention in Zimbabwe Hurts, Not Helps, Democracy

President Bush has pursued a tactless strategy of intervention through financial sanctions and unilateral political and diplomatic efforts that fails to promote real democracy for Zimbabwe.

Montreal Cintas Workers Win Union

After years of enduring harsh working conditions for low pay, Cintas employees in Montreal have become the first in the company's history to successfully form a union, according to a statement by UNITE HERE, the international union that represents the workers.

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