Book Review: No Easy Victories: African Liberation and American Activists over a Half Century

No Easy Victories is a remarkable and often insightful collection of essays and reflections, many of which have been penned by those who played leading roles in the dramatic story of how a conservative hegemon was compelled to retreat somewhat in its support for colonialism and apartheid.

Changing times

In yet more signs of changing times towards the political left is the election of Demetris Christofias as President of Cyprus and the smooth change in the leadership of Cuba. Both events took place last Sunday and both have their own significance.

Developing Nations, Climate Change and Resources

Last year the UN declared that the struggle against climate change should not prevent developing nations from addressing their social and economic needs.


Arbitration between ExxonMobil and Venezuela

Despite Venezuela's proposal for an amicable solution and an ongoing international arbitration process, ExxonMobil has resorted to aggressive, unilateral and coercive measures to disqualify any proposed solution, something that could be described as “judiciary terrorism.”

Secretary Gutierrez Discovers the Cuban Dilemma

Vietnam and China are countries led by communists but they are not anti-US like Cuba is. That is the reason why this Caribbean island should be placed in the pantheon of nations under the most rigid trade controls. That was the explanation given by US Secretary of Commerce Carlos Gutierrez.

US Elections: The Iraq Factor

As the race for the United States presidential nominations progresses, the stances of and attitudes towards both Republican and Democratic candidates continue to bring up causes for concern, in terms of their past behavior, current appeal and general trustworthiness.

Exxon Is Demanding Ten Times its Investment, Says Venezuelan Oil Minister

The maximum compensation ExxonMobil should receive for its nationalized 41.6% stake in the Cerro Negro Orinoco River belt project is $1.2 billion, the Venezuelan Minister of Energy and Petroleum and President of the Venezuelan state oil company PDVSA.

Global Stock Market Losses in Jan Reach $5.2 trillion

Fears of a global slowdown triggered by US housing market problems wiped 5.2 trillion US dollars off global stock markets in January, analysts estimate. According to ratings firm Standard and Poor's, 50 out of 52 share indexes around the world ended the month lower.

Bolivian President Morales Puts Military on Alert of US Meddling

President Evo Morales called Monday on the Bolivian Armed Forces to remain alert to confront internal and external enemies, after the disclosure of new cases of US meddling in the Andean nation

G-7 says global growth may deteriorate

Group of Seven policymakers said the U.S. economy may slow further, eroding global growth, and officials forecast more financial-market turmoil.

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