Harold Washington: The People’s Mayor

The 1980s opened with a huge transformation in American political and social life unseen since the Great Depression. With the election of Reagan there began a shift in ideology and politics to the right and an economic restructuring unparalleled since Franklin Roosevelt.

The Anti-Racist Majority Comes of Age

In early July of 2007 the Supreme Court boldly struck down the legal underpinnings of Brown v. the Board of Education. In a five to four decision, the Republican majority on the court, overturned desegregation plans by school districts in Louisville, Kentucky and Seattle, Washington.


Cuba Votes as Fidel Castro Steps Down

As the January 20th Cuban national elections came to an end, after which Fidel Castro predictably announced his future status as a civilian with only his self-assigned responsibilities, Washington flat out rejected the results of the elections, claiming that, like all of Cuba’s post-1959 ballots, were illegitimate.


A People’s Surge That Could Reshape Our Country

A people’s surge is heaving its way across the country with unexpected force. And in doing so, it is confounding pundits, challenging conventional wisdom and reconfiguring our nation’s politics.

Bush Fear Card Ignored by Congress, Blasted by MSNBC's Olbermann

Lying has become a way of life for George W Bush and like the little boy who called wolf too often – the American public, the U.S. Congress and finally the media are calling his fear based bluffs and letting Bush hang – twisting in his own hypocrisy.

Bush Budget Targets Children's Health

A bipartisan coalition of health care providers and policy advocates sharply criticized the massive cuts to health care programs for children in President Bush's budget proposal delivered to Congress last week.

Steelworkers' Delegation Visits Colombia to Meet Union, Political Leaders

Representatives of the United Steelworkers (USW) and Unite of the United Kingdom and Ireland unions traveled today to Colombia, the most dangerous country in the world for trade unionists.


Bush's Budget Takes Aim at Working Families

Last week, George W. Bush delivered his final budget proposal to Congress. As expected it contained severe cuts to domestic programs, especially for working families, and massive new spending for the military along with huge tax breaks for the very rich.

Video: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and a 'Revolution of Values'

Libero Della Piana, Chair of the New York State Communist Party, speaks about the radical legacy of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Della Piana references King's famous 'Beyond Vietnam' Speech made at The Riverside Church in Manhattan on April 4, 1967 where he called for 'revolution of values' and an end to the U.S. war in Vietnam.


Motown Loves Paul Robeson

The recent opening of an exhibition and related events celebrating his life at the time of his 110th birthday is not earth-shattering, but certainly a welcome remembrance of a man who is beloved by his community but largely forgotten by American society.

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