Book Review: No Easy Victories: African Liberation and American Activists over a Half Century

No Easy Victories is a remarkable and often insightful collection of essays and reflections, many of which have been penned by those who played leading roles in the dramatic story of how a conservative hegemon was compelled to retreat somewhat in its support for colonialism and apartheid.


Harold Washington: The People’s Mayor

The 1980s opened with a huge transformation in American political and social life unseen since the Great Depression. With the election of Reagan there began a shift in ideology and politics to the right and an economic restructuring unparalleled since Franklin Roosevelt.

Change to Win Endorses Obama

Saying his position on trade makes a difference, and that it's time for the Democratic presidential nomination race to end, the 7-union, 6-million-member Change to Win federation endorsed Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) Feb. 21.


Foundry Workers Protest Plant Closure

Foundry workers from the Pacific Steel plant demonstrate outside a meeting of the Berkeley City Council, protesting a measure that could lead to the factory's closure.


A People’s Surge That Could Reshape Our Country

A people’s surge is heaving its way across the country with unexpected force. And in doing so, it is confounding pundits, challenging conventional wisdom and reconfiguring our nation’s politics.

Japan: Labor Demands Canon Respect Workers Rights

On the early morning of February 8, about 100 union members converged on Canon Inc. Headquarters in Tokyo to urge the major camera maker to fulfill its corporate social responsibility by increasing wages, promoting temporary workers to full-time positions, and by raising unit prices paid to suppliers.

Recession, the Working Class, and Real Stimulus

For working people, the long-term trend in the US has been toward greater inequality in wages, less job security, fewer pensions, and fewer people with healthcare. All these long-term trends are being further aggravated by the economic crisis the country is currently going through. How does this crisis manifest itself?

Montreal Cintas Workers Win Union

After years of enduring harsh working conditions for low pay, Cintas employees in Montreal have become the first in the company's history to successfully form a union, according to a statement by UNITE HERE, the international union that represents the workers.

Steelworkers' Delegation Visits Colombia to Meet Union, Political Leaders

Representatives of the United Steelworkers (USW) and Unite of the United Kingdom and Ireland unions traveled today to Colombia, the most dangerous country in the world for trade unionists.


Bush's Budget Takes Aim at Working Families

Last week, George W. Bush delivered his final budget proposal to Congress. As expected it contained severe cuts to domestic programs, especially for working families, and massive new spending for the military along with huge tax breaks for the very rich.

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