Iran: Bush’s Escalation of Danger

The US president’s threatening speech against Iran, and the provocative raid of American military units on an office building in Irbil where Iranian government officials worked, and the detention of five office staff in the recent days, are worrying developments for all progressive and national forces of our country.


Americans to March on Washington to get White House and Congress to End War

Even though Democrats rolled up a 7-million vote victory margin Nov. 7th in protest of the war in Iraq, President Bush's intransigent response January 10th was to call for the escalation of U.S. troops rather than for their withdrawal.


Bush in his bunker

The reviews are in, and they are terrible. The reaction to the President’s speech of January 10 –from the public, the media, and the overwhelming majority of Democrats and many influential Republicans in congress — shows just how isolated George Bush has become on the question of Iraq.


Eleven LGBT Organizations Call on the Senate to Raise the Minimum Wage

While applauding the recent passage of the Fair Minimum Wage Act of 2007 in the US House of Representatives, eleven LGBT Organizations urged the quick passage of the accompanying bill in the Senate, and a speedy signing by President Bush.


Bush Retreats on Illegal Domestic Wiretapping

The Bush Administration announced yesterday it will abandon the warrantless surveillance program operated by the National Security Agency (NSA), Atlanta Progressive News has learned.


Bush, Iraq, and the Peace Movement

G.W. Bush is preparing for his state of the union address, popping up on TV to push his Iraq policies, which he has “conceded” have not been without fault in recent months.


It All Started with an American Taliban

It began with that monstrous young man so evil we needed to blindfold him and strap him to a board, that confusing young man who looked like Christ but cast us in the role of crucifiers, that treasonous young man who brought dark and heathen evils across linguistic and cultural borders and brought torture onto the list of accepted government actions.


Workers Try to Keep Korea Deal off the Fast Track

The Bush administration is pushing hard to complete negotiations on a trade deal with South Korea before its “fast-track” authority expires June 30. But thousands of Korean workers made it clear Monday that they will not accept a bad deal.


Book Review: The Mission Song, by John LeCarré

Bruno Salvador, the central protagonist in The Mission Song, the latest thriller from best-selling novelist John LeCarré, is an enthusiastic supporter of Britain, especially the humanitarian sounding goals of the Blair government.


Movie Review: Children of Men

Mother nature has given up on humanity. The evolutionary process has ceased, and the world of human beings has become a 'failed state.' This is the background for Children of Men (directed by Mexican filmmaker Alfonso Cuarón and based on a P.D. James novel).

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