'Don't Let Dick Cheney Get Me!'

This country has learned to be afraid... of Dick Cheney. The number one reason a significant minority of Americans still hesitates to get behind impeachment of Bush is fear of Dick Cheney. This will remain the case even should Cheney die, I am convinced. Certainly it remains the case no matter how many times I explain the following six reasons why it's INSANE, but I'm going to try one more time.


Book Review: The One Percent Doctrine, by Ron Suskind

Certainly, the author of the book at hand deserves to have his worthy work placed in this section for this is one of the more insightful explorations of the misrule that has characterized Washington of late.


Opposition to Iraq war surges

President Bush’s announcement that he is sending over 21,000 more troops to Iraq has fueled increasing bipartisan opposition in Congress, among the U.S. public, in the labor movement and among the military itself.


Bush's Four Anti-Terror Successes All Fictional

President Bush claimed in his State of the Union speech to have prevented four terrorist plots.  Phew!  It's a good thing to know that we tossed out our Bill of Rights for some actual REASON – I mean other than turning Iraq into a training ground for terrorism.


Venezuelan Unemployment Drops to Lowest Rate in Chavez’s Presidency

Venezuela’s National Statistics Institute released its unemployment data yesterday, saying that unemployment had dropped to 8.4% in December 2006, which is 0.5% lower than the same month in 2005.


Sen. John McCain and 27 Other Republicans Demand Repeal of Minimum Wage

On Wednesday (1-24), in addition to voting against a clean minimum wage raise bill, they voted for an amendment to repeal the federal minimum wage, currently bogged down at $5.15 per hour.


Union Condemns Arrest of Workers at Smithfield Plant

'Smithfield has a history of using threats of arrest by immigration authorities to intimidate workers and this is a continuation of that pattern', says Gene Bruskin head of the Smithfield Justice Campaign.


Japan: Significance of International Communities for Peace and Article 9

Prime Minister Abe reportedly is planning to strengthen Japan's cooperation with NATO in Afghanistan. This is a plan to dispatch the Self-Defense Forces to the region where NATO forces are currently deployed. Cooperation between military alliances for dispatching forces abroad is very dangerous.


Unnatural Disaster

Zionism appeared in Jewish life waving the flag of normalcy. The idea was that Jewish sovereignty would pave the way to a normal existence and deliver the Jews from the vicissitudes of life among the goyim.


Medicare-for-all Health Care Bill Reintroduced

We have a great bill, H.R. 676, that covers our medical needs without continuing to support insurance companies. Improved and enhanced Medicare for All that will save about one third of every dollar we have been spending.

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