Neo-liberalism and the New Socialism – speech by Alvaro Garcia Linera

Since the fall of the Soviet Bloc, new questions as to the nature and evolution of socialism have circulated. The election of Hugo Chavez to Venezuela’s presidency in 1998 has given rise in Latin America to the notion of “socialism of the 21st century.”


Campaign to Stop Killer Coke vs. The Coca-Cola Co.

For nearly four years, the Campaign to Stop Killer Coke (www.killercoke.org) has focused attention on The Coca-Cola Company’s gross human rights abuses at its bottling plants in Colombia while educating the public about Coke’s unethical and criminal behavior worldwide.


New Kids on the Block Confront the Imperial Bully: Why I'm Smiling

It’s winter in the United States, and in most places seasonably cold. Perspiration on the brow of Miss Liberty in New York City at 70 degrees last week reminds us that global warming is in our faces, deceptively so, as Big Apple residents gleefully cavorted in Central Park wearing shorts and smugly quipping that the East Coast was somehow cheating Old Man Winter out of his annual freeze-fest.


Man fuel: Is it in you?

Fierce armor-clad gladiators applying wicked hits, battering each other relentlessly, engaging in bone-jarring collisions, and performing feats of near super-human athleticism….


And where are the millions?

Adolfo Franco, the official who administrates the Latin American funds for USAID on behalf of the godfathers of the Cuban-American mafia, has managed to almost completely conceal the whereabouts of $65.4 million donated by this federal fund throughout the last decade.


Philippines: Arroyo Government Taunts Judicial System as It Connives with the U.S.

The Philippine Chapter of the International Association of People’s Lawyers (IAPL) vehemently denounces the recent escape of convicted rapist Lance Cpl. Daniel Smith to the US Embassy staged by conniving Philippine and US officials.


Land of Enchantment and Impeachment

There is a decent chance that within the next month or two the New Mexico State Legislature will ask the U.S. House of Representatives to begin impeachment proceedings against President Bush and Vice President Cheney.


AFL-CIO President John Sweeney On the President's Proposal to Expand Troops in Iraq

No United States foreign policy can be sustained without the informed consent of the American people. Last November the American people spoke loudly and clearly that the President’s course in Iraq was flawed and that he should begin bringing our troops home rapidly.


Fencing across the border – who's fooling who?

To assuage international concerns over cross border filtration into Afghanistan, the Pakistani government has announced a series of measures.


John Negroponte, Latin America’s Real “Mr. Danger,” Arises in a New Avatar

President Bush’s nomination of current director of National Intelligence John Negroponte for the position of deputy secretary of state brings bad news for Latin America.

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