World Federation of Trade Unions Expresses Solidarity with Smithfield Workers

The World Federation of Trade Unions W.F.T.U. is expressing full solidarity and support to the 5.500 workers who are working in the largest pork slaughterhouse in the world, in Tar Heel city, North Carolina.


Sen. John McCain and 27 Other Republicans Demand Repeal of Minimum Wage

On Wednesday (1-24), in addition to voting against a clean minimum wage raise bill, they voted for an amendment to repeal the federal minimum wage, currently bogged down at $5.15 per hour.


Union Condemns Arrest of Workers at Smithfield Plant

'Smithfield has a history of using threats of arrest by immigration authorities to intimidate workers and this is a continuation of that pattern', says Gene Bruskin head of the Smithfield Justice Campaign.


Federal Minimum Wage Bill Faces More Trouble

The bill to increase the federal minimum wage today faces a colliding of obstacles as the US Senate appears poised to pass a version with one or even two amendments undesired by the Democratic leadership in the US House. The Senate began taking up the bill today.


Paying for Protection

In 1999 the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) proposed a rule requiring employers to pay for protective clothing, face shields, gloves and other equipment used by workers. But before the proposal became a standard Mr. Bush was elected to office.


Eleven LGBT Organizations Call on the Senate to Raise the Minimum Wage

While applauding the recent passage of the Fair Minimum Wage Act of 2007 in the US House of Representatives, eleven LGBT Organizations urged the quick passage of the accompanying bill in the Senate, and a speedy signing by President Bush.


Workers Try to Keep Korea Deal off the Fast Track

The Bush administration is pushing hard to complete negotiations on a trade deal with South Korea before its “fast-track” authority expires June 30. But thousands of Korean workers made it clear Monday that they will not accept a bad deal.

Murder and Migration

Development projects anywhere in the world often have a high human cost. In Colombia, the price is often measured in human lives and blood.


'Capitalism seriously damages your health' says British Communist union leader

'The Attorney-General should issue a government health warning that capitalism seriously harms you and those around you', Graham Stevenson told the Communist Party executive committee at the weekend. He referred to rising unemployment, escalating personal debt and bankruptcy, widespread use of hard drugs and anti-depressants, alcohol abuse and NHS cuts in a society where a small minority continue to accumulate massive and mostly tax-free wealth.


Campaign to Stop Killer Coke vs. The Coca-Cola Co.

For nearly four years, the Campaign to Stop Killer Coke (www.killercoke.org) has focused attention on The Coca-Cola Company’s gross human rights abuses at its bottling plants in Colombia while educating the public about Coke’s unethical and criminal behavior worldwide.

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