India: Atrocity In Gurgaon On Honda Workers

The brutal assault by the police on the workers of the Honda Motors and Scooters in Gurgaon has shocked the country. In a systematic and premeditated fashion the police launched a savage attack on workers protesting against the illegal actions of the Honda company.

Editorial: Remove The Causes of Terrorism

At each new terrorist act the Australian, British and US governments use the opportunity to tighten the legislative screws directed against alleged terrorists. The latest moves include proposals to ban those holding what are said to be extreme Islamic fundamentalist views, to ban books which are said to contain incitement to terrorist acts, even to deport (to where?) those who are alleged to be preparing terrorist acts, etc.

Who’s Afraid of the Haitian Media?

One long day in Pointe Noire, on my vacation from volunteer work in the forest, the Congolese painter Trigo Piula and I sat arguing in his jumbled studio about whether there is a spiritual element to canvasses. There was little common ground to be found between us, and after debating at length he gave up on me.


How Progressive Young People Can Have an Impact In These Times

A majority of Americans favor single-payer health coverage, a shift to renewable energy, the protection of natural resources, investment in education, and protection of civil rights. And very nearly a majority of Americans – a strong majority of Democrats – favor impeachment of the President if he lied about the reasons for war.

Union Members Hit Harder By Job Loss Numbers

Although high ongoing unemployment in a number of industries has depleted union membership and pushed the unionization rate down to record lows, job losses in heavily unionized sectors do not account for the decline in union membership since the 2001 recession.

Live Strong or Live Wrong? Why Lance Must Break With Bush

To all the haters that don’t think cycling is a sport, and the Tour De France ranks just below watching an apple turn brown, let’s be clear: Lance Armstrong has earned the love. The cancer-surviving cyclist ended his career with a record seventh straight Tour De France victory.

Judge John Roberts’ Struggle with the Truth

Why would Judge John G. Roberts lie about being a member of the Federalist Society (FS)? Along with several major news organizations, Political Affairs reported that Judge Roberts was a member of the arch-conservative lawyers’ and judges’ association. Roberts demanded that these major news organizations retract their stories saying he had no memory of being a member of the FS.

Strategies for the left in the EU after the French and Dutch referendums

It is clear that the EU Constitution is dead; but that does not mean that the guardians of the interests of European monopoly capitalism have given up on their dream of complete and untrammelled power.

The Beginning of the End to a Coherent U.S. Drug Strategy

Colombian President Álvaro Uribe declared a State of Limited Emergency in his country almost immediately after taking office in 2002, which provided the backdrop for his implementation of predominantly high-handed military policies intended to solve the country’s incorrigible security problems.

Victory Over Bush’s Social Security Plan

The PR blitz of the Bush White House on the taxpayers’ dime to 'save' Social Security from running out of funds 'is on life support,' according to a recent article in the Washington Post. Who put the president’s plan there?

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