JEAN Charles de Menezes lies dead today. The 27-year-old electrician was pursued onto the Tube by gun-waving police and held down on the floor of the train while five bullets were pumped into his head.

Movie Review: Hustle and Flow

Most of us know what it’s like to scrape to get by from paycheck to paycheck, all along knowing that whatever we have inside us that is beautiful or that we may have to offer the world has been stifled if not killed.


Harry Potter, saviour of the publishing industry?

All publishers must be clear about one thing: their leadership has drifted away. During the past few years, controlling power of this sector shifted from publishers to booksellers...Publishers suffer another heavy blow as custom requires publishers to take back unsold books. Statistics show that in 2003 34 percent of hardcover books on American markets were eventually returned to publishers

Book Review Essay: Why Can’t We be Teenagers in Love with the British Empire?

Niall Ferguson, Herzog Professor of Financial History at the Stern School of Business, Senior Research Fellow at Jesus College, and Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution (which continues to bring to global scholarship the weltanschauung of Herbert and the praxis of J. Edgar) has written for hip Marxists a campy coffee table book titled Empire: The Rise and Demise of the British World Order and Its Lessons for Global Power.

Economic Analysis: Revisiting India’s Outsourcing Boom

'OFFSHORING, or the outsourcing of services by developed country firms to captive units or independent suppliers in developing countries has for some time now been a source for controversy in the developed countries, especially the US.'

How to Lobby Congress With a Hammer

Over 100 people, few if any of them employed by the corporate media, filled a press conference room in the US Capitol on Monday to hear artists, advocates, and experts speak against the current energy bill and against a proposal to dump the nation's nuclear waste on the land of a native American tribe in Utah.

Election Forecast in Haiti Goes from Bad to Dreadful

The priest’s arrest and the recommendation made by the seven-member advisory council, which was formed under the plenary direction of the U.S. following Aristide’s February 2004 ouster and was responsible for selecting interim Prime Minister Gerard Latortue, dealt fatal blows to any lingering hopes for delivering an open democracy in the near future to the long-struggling island.

Think This Isn't A Police State? Think Again

Despite all of our nation's high-minded ideals about free speech, our government considers dissent an unnecessary and dangerous evil. Recent developments amply demonstrate that when it comes to our government's distaste for freedom of expression, history most definitely repeats.


Movie Review: Chocolate Covered Capitalism

The story is familiar. A poor little boy named Charlie Bucket (played by Freddie Highmore) dreams of little else other than what it is like inside Willy Wonka’s fabulous but extremely secret chocolate factory.

Supreme Court Nomination: What is Roberts Hiding?

“No person is entitled to a seat on the Supreme Court,” said Damien Goodmon, a spokesman for . “Its John Roberts’ burden to convince the Senate and the American people that his long tenure on the bench would be used to continue protecting the hard earned rights guaranteed in the constitution, not turning back the clock to a dark time without personal liberties and workplace protections. The country deserves no less.”

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