CBO Report Ignores Full Savings in Health Reform

Health reform advocates pushed back this weekend against a new insurance industry and congressional Republican offensive to block or slow down President Obama's push to overhaul health care by pointing out that the most important accomplishment of reform would be to relieve in the financial burden the current broken health system has on the economy.


Can Cars Run on Water?

There are a number of online marketing offers of kits that will convert your car to “run on water,” but these should be viewed skeptically.


World Pays Tribute to Mandela

World leaders, civilians and celebrities alike took time off their busy schedules on Saturday to pay tribute to the father of the South African nation on his 91st birthday, the South African Press Association reported.

Cost of Insecurity in Afghanistan Impedes Humanitarian Work

Armored vehicles, armed escorts, blast-resistant walls and other security measures have made humanitarian work in Afghanistan more expensive and risky than ever before, say analysts. 

NAM to Boost Role in Peace and Security

The Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) Summit wrapped up yesterday (July 16) in the Egyptian town of Sharm El Sheikh, where a final document was released affirming the need to heighten the role and the activity of the movement in contributing to world peace and security.

Debate Intensifies over Venezuela’s Proposed Same Sex Civil Union Law

The public debate over a law proposal in the Venezuelan National Assembly (AN) that would legalize same-sex civil unions intensified this week, as Venezuela's Episcopal Church publicly condemned the proposal, and LGBT activists responded.


Health Reform's Momentum, the Public Option and Costs

Health care reform gained new momentum this week with several major endorsements. Wednesday, July 15, the Senate HELP committee passed a version of the bill that closely fits President Obama's main principles for reform.


Notes On How the Financial Sector Really Works

I would categorize the financial sector as unproductive. In one sense this seems pretty obvious since they do not physically produce anything. But, apologists for the banks might say, this Smithian distinction is misleading.


'Canary in the Mine Shaft'

Last Tuesday night, there were as many African American presidents at the All-Star Game as players in the starting lineups.

Less Money, Less Food, More Hungry

If the global economy were to rebound in 2010, sub-Saharan Africa would still be one of the world's poorest and most vulnerable regions, and have more than half its food insecure people, says an examination of the impact of the economic slowdown on food security. 

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