New Jobless Stats: Still 'Less Terrible'? Not for Some

Evidence mounts that while the Obama administration's economic stimulus package may have help to slow the pace of jobs loss, its goal of saving or creating three and a half million jobs is not in sight. The severity of the new jobless number was not lost on the White House.

'Coup d'etat' in Iran

Millions of Iranians stood in long queues holding green flags as a sign of protest against the bankrupt, despotic rule of the Spiritual Leader and his cronies.

Poem: Let the Rail Splitter Awake

Written on the threshold of the Cold War, as hostilities between the US and the USSR emerged, two countries who had once been strong allies in the war against fascism, the preceding section of this poem by Chilean poet Pablo Neruda spoke of the danger of a third World War and the threat of nuclear annihilation.

Neighborhood Solar Power

Collective bargaining is a good strategy when looking to get the best price on a given product or service. Solar power is no exception, and dozens of neighborhood-wide installations in the U.S. and Canada have created a new model whereby going solar can actually start to pencil out for individual homeowners.

European Elections: The Real Cause of Far-right Gains

We don't need academic studies on voting behavior to explain what happened in the European and local elections last week. Anyone active in a trade union or living in a working-class community should know that many workers and their families do not regard Labour as a party that speaks or acts in their interests.

How Bad is Eritrea's Food Crisis Really?

ASMARA, 12 June 2009 (IRIN) – Eritrea is facing a food crisis, but aid workers say they cannot fully determine its severity as they are unable to assess the situation because of travel restrictions and the government's policy of 'self-reliance.'

Labor Union Celebrates Gay Pride and History Month

In June of 2000, Bill Clinton deemed the month of June “Gay and Lesbian Pride Month.” The month was chosen to remember the Stonewall riots in 1969 in Manhattan.

Venezuela Orders End to Coca-Cola Zero Production

Mérida, June 12th 2009 (Venezuelanalysis.com) – On Wednesday the Venezuelan Ministry for Health ordered the Coca-Cola Company to remove its product Coca-Cola Zero from sale for containing a cancerous ingredient, sodium cyclamate, an ingredient not included in the US version of the drink.

Pres. Evo Morales Stresses Incompetence of Capitalism

HAVANA, Cuba, June 11 (acn) – The President of the Plurinational State of Bolivia, Evo Morales, affirmed on Thursday that capitalism is unable to solve the current world economic crisis, and highlighted how the natural resources are nationalized in his country and not poverty.

A Boy and an Artificial Leg: A Gaza Story

His room is ready; the walls have fresh paint and my kids prepared a basket of chocolates and other treats to place beside his bed. They hung a poster on his door that has been decorated with colored pens and glitter that says “Welcome Shobhi!”

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