Health Care in Crisis: Who's Listening?

About 22,000 people died in 2006 in the US because they didn't have health insurance, according to an estimate by the Urban Institute.

Patriots and Philanthropists, Come Forth and Save America

It has become obvious that the Bush Administration will never come clean about any of the injustices it has committed. It has fought tooth and nail to avoid the release of information that rightfully belongs to the American public, ignoring legitimate Freedom of Information requests.

Activist Republican Federal Judges vs. Workers' Rights

After working for Goodyear Tire & Rubber, Co. for 19 years, Lily Ledbetter found the company had been cheating her.

Why Right-wing Pundits Don't Like Obama's 'Race Speech'

Packing hundreds of years of US history into a 38-minute speech, Barack Obama last Tuesday responded to criticisms about his relationship with his controversial former minister by addressing the issue of race and racism, a question few national politicians have ever had the courage to directly address.

Why Am I Not Surprised? Homelessness, Race, Rita and Katrina

It is no secret that Louisiana is a state of stark inequalities. With astonishing rates of poverty, poor health care, a failing educational system and a pervasive culture of racism, Louisiana does not live up to the American dream.

Bush Administration Targets Latin American Solidarity Activists

In response to the democratic upsurge in Latin America, the Bush administration is targeting for special surveillance and repression US groups who lead public pressure campaigns to end US intervention in that continent.

Lost in Translation: The Myth of American Freedom

The United States mainstream media is a major tool in the hands of the power elite; it constructs images of reality that are subsequently widely believed in by the masses, images whose definitions ensure that inequality will continue without revolt or redress.

Where Does the Voice of the People Come From?

For centuries, the idea that the Sun revolved around the Earth was unanimous. Ptolemy's old system – pretty new if we consider that other Greeks believed that in reality the Earth moved around the Sun – was the 'vox populi' on cosmology.

Congressional Budget Proposals Contrast with Bush Plans

Important committees in both the House and Senate passed separate budget resolutions that stand in stark contrast to the Bush administration's budget proposal.

John McCain: Bad News for American Workers

In his most recent op-ed in Solidarity magazine titled 'It's time for a change,' United Autoworkers (UAW) President Ron Gettelfinger fired both rhetorical barrels at George W. Bush and John McCain.

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