Recycling Old Clothes

Just because that old shirt you used to love is too threadbare to wear anymore doesn’t mean it has to end up in a landfill. “Consumers don’t understand that there’s a place for their old clothing even if something is missing a button or torn,” says Jana Hawley

Georgia House Approves Split Jury Death Penalties, Senate Overturns

The Georgia House of Representatives approved an amended bill Wednesday, March 20, 2008, that would allow a non-unanimous jury to hand down the death penalty. However, the Georgia Senate successfully stripped the controversial amendment on Thursday, March 21, 2008.

The Coming Uncertain War against Iran

When Admiral William J 'Fox' Fallon was chosen to replace General John Abizaid as chief of US Central Command (CENTCOM) in March 2007, many analysts didn't shy from reaching a seemingly clear-cut conclusion: the Bush administration was preparing for war with Iran...

Why Africa Roars

According to historical evidence, the slave trade was responsible for the alarming underdevelopment of Africa today. Slavery caused ethnic fractionation and undermined states constituted as such.

Darfur Attackers Violated International Law - UN

Recent attacks by militias and Sudanese government troops on West Darfur villages in which scores of people were killed and thousands displaced, violated international humanitarian and human rights law, the UN said.


Photos: West Coast War Protest

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - 19MARCH08 - Thousands march and demonstrate in San Francisco to oppose the war in Iraq, on the fifth anniversary of the start of the war.

Republican-tied Group Calls for 'Exporting Homosexuals'

Peter Sprigg, vice president of policy at the Family Research Council, discussed the group's opposition to the Uniting American Families Act (UAFA) saying 'I would much prefer to export homosexuals from the United States than to import them into the United States because we believe homosexuality is destructive to society.'

Some Comments on Racism

The statistics cited by the above commentators and many others show that racial prejudice among white residents of the United States has in many respects declined markedly in the past 20, 30 or 40 years.

French Local Elections: A National Vote Decrypted

Though the president’s party, the union for the popular majority (UMP), attempted to minimize the significance of the results at first, it is now clear that the blow has struck home.

Activists Demand Health Care not Warfare

Following the successful launch of its Healthcare NOT Warfare campaign with events across the nation, Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) activists are participating with a broad range of groups at events commemorating the fifth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq.

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