Health Care in Crisis: Who's Listening?

About 22,000 people died in 2006 in the US because they didn't have health insurance, according to an estimate by the Urban Institute.

Activist Republican Federal Judges vs. Workers' Rights

After working for Goodyear Tire & Rubber, Co. for 19 years, Lily Ledbetter found the company had been cheating her.

Why Right-wing Pundits Don't Like Obama's 'Race Speech'

Packing hundreds of years of US history into a 38-minute speech, Barack Obama last Tuesday responded to criticisms about his relationship with his controversial former minister by addressing the issue of race and racism, a question few national politicians have ever had the courage to directly address.

Recycling Old Clothes

Just because that old shirt you used to love is too threadbare to wear anymore doesn’t mean it has to end up in a landfill. “Consumers don’t understand that there’s a place for their old clothing even if something is missing a button or torn,” says Jana Hawley

Activists Demand Health Care not Warfare

Following the successful launch of its Healthcare NOT Warfare campaign with events across the nation, Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) activists are participating with a broad range of groups at events commemorating the fifth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq.

John McCain vs. a Woman's Right to Choose

In the general election campaign, Republican nominee John McCain will rely on his maverick status to appeal to independent voters for support. But as his record becomes more widely examined and as he more closely identifies himself with the Bush agenda, it is becoming clear that he has little in common with independents.

Why Am I Not Surprised? Homelessness, Race, Rita and Katrina

It is no secret that Louisiana is a state of stark inequalities. With astonishing rates of poverty, poor health care, a failing educational system and a pervasive culture of racism, Louisiana does not live up to the American dream.

DC Passes Historic Paid Sick Leave Legislation

t could have been an episode of ER or House: a popular patient battles against all the odds, survives a near-death experience, triumphs in the end but still faces challenges in the next episode.

Congressional Budget Proposals Contrast with Bush Plans

Important committees in both the House and Senate passed separate budget resolutions that stand in stark contrast to the Bush administration's budget proposal.

Top Ten Ways to Save Gas

This last week, the environmental group Sierra Club offered advice for car drivers concerned about the growing price of gasoline. The group offered 10 ways to save on gasoline costs.

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