Murder in the Andes

The March 1, 2008 death of Colombian FARC guerrilla leader and spokesperson Comandante Raul Reyes and twenty-five of his companions on Ecuadorian soil has American fingerprints all over it.

Book Review: The New Imperialists – Ideologies of Empire

The new imperialism is part a recognition that, yes, the United States is an imperial power as accepted and supported by various neocon pundits and apologists, and part a recognition that it takes a different form than previous empires, no longer so much as colonial-settlement projects but an economically-ideologically based empire.

Building an Activist Movement to End the Occupation of Iraq

Robert Dreyfuss's presentation that I now have to follow was tremendous and I learned a lot, but I disagree with his pessimism. I am fond of the saying 'Let's save our pessimism for better times.' It's a choice to be a pessimist, and it is a wrong one, always.

Exxon Must Undo False Accusations Against Venezuelan Oil Company

Thursday marked the deadline for ExxonMobil to undo the damage it had done to the international reputation of the Venezuelan state oil company PDVSA by pursuing a $12 billion freeze of PDVSA assets in early February after during international arbitration in a dispute over a nationalized Orinoco Oil Belt project.

Burning Forests to Feed Cars: The Ecological Madness of Biofuels

If you thought burning food for fuel -- agrofuels -- has been an unmitigated disaster, just wait until we start chopping up our last natural forest habitats for cellulosic ethanol biofuel.


Movie Review: Redacted

Following in the wake of the US invasion of Iraq, there have been some notable critical films - Robert Redford's Lions for Lambs, Paul Haggis's In The Valley of Elah and Nick Broomfield's Battle for Haditha.

A New World is Emerging

Discussions have been going on inside NATO about intervention in Latin America and in every other corner of the world, even without a UN mandate. This discussion has come about because the conservative and imperialist political forces in Europe and the United States are faced with the sweeping changes that have taken place in many countries in the recent period.

Colombia’s President Uribe Goes Dangerously Ballistic

On Saturday, the Colombian air force attacked a FARC camp site in Ecuador, a mile from the Colombian border resulting in the death of Raul Reyes (Luis Edgar Devia Silva), the second in command of the FARC, and seventeen other members of his unit.


From South Africa to Detroit, People Demand Change

DETROIT – South Africa is at a crossroads, said Political Affairs Editor Joe Sims here at the Swords into Plowshares Peace Center and Gallery, Mar. 1.

John Bolton: Boisterous Bully of Bloviation

There is an excellent review of John Bolton's new book, 'Surrender is Not an Option: Defending America at the United Nations and Abroad' by Brian Urquhart (a former UN under-secretary general) in the March 6, 2008 issue of The New York Review of Books ('One Angry Man').

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