No One Is Illegal: The Fight For Immigrants’ Rights

Undocumented and documented immigration to the United States is at a record high in absolute numbers. The Pew Hispanic Center estimates that there are as many as 12 million undocumented.

Time for Humane Immigration Reform

The Fellowship of Reconciliation (FOR), an organization committed to achieving a just and peaceful world community with full dignity and freedom for every human being, stands in solidarity with the millions who have rallied, boycotted, and marched during recent months in defense of basic human rights for undocumented immigrants in the United States.

Si Se Puede! Immigration is and needs to be a gay issue

Iraq is a disaster and the treasury is hemorrhaging red ink to pay for it. Gas prices are soaring. Osama taunts us on videotape. Iran's going nuclear. Seven in 10 think the country's heading in the wrong direction. What do you do when you're in power and there's an election just around the corner? You trot out some old diversionary scapegoats once again.

Republican Senate Committee Members Approve 'Anti-marriage' FMA

The Republican-controlled Senate Judiciary Committee, voting 10 to 8, voiced approval for the Federal Marriage Amendment (FMA), which would amend the US Constitution to outlaw same-sex marriages and civil unions.

Immigrants' Rights Coalition Unveils Mass Mobilization Lobbying Plans

Leaders of the immigrant rights coalition that mobilized masses of people for demonstrations nationwide on April 10 and May 1 announced a stepped-up campaign that includes lobbying lawmakers, more marches and plans to register and mobilize at least a million new voters around the immigration issue.

Coalition Denounces Bush’s Border Control and Guest Worker Proposals

In response to President Bush’s national address on immigration today [May 15], the Bay Area Immigrant Rights Coalition (BAIRC) voices its strong opposition to proposals that place National Guard troops at the border, initiate new guest worker programs and call for increased employer sanctions.

CPUSA Statement in Response to Bush Immigration Speech

George W. Bush’s speech to the nation on May 15, 2006 highlighting deployment of the National Guard to the Mexican border represents an aggressive policy of racist, anti-immigrant demonization and hysteria.

Immigration Policy: An Historical Perspective

Past and present immigration have many things in common. Both are largely the result of severe economic dislocations effecting regions following under the sway of industrial capitalism.

EARTH TALK: Environmental Racism Harms Communities of Color

While conducting research upon completion of his sociology Ph.D. in Houston in 1979, Dr. Robert Bullard noticed that all the city’s garbage dumps were located in and around neighborhoods inhabited primarily by African Americans.

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