Public Transportation: Less Stress and Pollution

An increasing number of public transit options are coming online throughout North America, but those of you idling alone bumper-to-bumper in your cars might not know it.

Abstaining from Sex Education Politics

Earlier this month the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) held a conference on sexually transmitted diseases. The conference was slated to include a panel discussion entitled “Are Abstinence-Only Until Marriage Programs a Threat to Public Health?”


No One Is Illegal: The Fight For Immigrants’ Rights

Undocumented and documented immigration to the United States is at a record high in absolute numbers. The Pew Hispanic Center estimates that there are as many as 12 million undocumented.

Poison in Your Makeup

Most of the mainstream hair sprays, deodorants, nail polishes and perfumes that millions of people use every day contain these harmful chemicals. Phthalates are also employed as plastic softeners in many different consumer products, including children’s toys and medical devices.

GOP mounts stealth attack on fuel efficiency standards

Under the pretense of doing something about gas prices, President Bush and Republican leaders in Congress are seeking to gut the nation’s 30-year-old system for mandating fuel efficiency of cars and trucks.

Al Gore: A 2008 Presidential Bid?, Warns of Global Warming

Al Gore may be a “recovering politician,” but “You always have to worry about a relapse,” Gore told Atlanta Progressive News.

The Hidden Politics of Deficit Spending 

When government expends more than it collects in revenues, this is known as deficit spending. To meet its yearly deficits, it borrows from wealthy individuals and financial institutions in the United States and abroad.

EARTH TALK: Environmental Racism Harms Communities of Color

While conducting research upon completion of his sociology Ph.D. in Houston in 1979, Dr. Robert Bullard noticed that all the city’s garbage dumps were located in and around neighborhoods inhabited primarily by African Americans.

Immigration, Language and Nuestra Himno

Seizing any weapon with which to attack the growing movement for immigrant workers’ rights, the Republican Party and the right wing have found a new gripe: the recording of a Spanish-language version of the United States’ national anthem.

Single-payer Health Care Bill Gains Union Support

A bill establishing a government-run Canadian style single-payer health care system for the U.S., built on Medicare, is gaining union backers.

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