Book Review: The Guest, by Hwang Sok-Yong

In October 1950, US military forces, during their northward invasion, occupied and controlled a small region of North Korea called Sinchon in the Hwanghae Province.


Remembering North Korea, Part IV

We said goodbye to our chairman, and rode further on to Mankyungdai Agricultural Cooperative which was the birth-place of Kim Il Sung. The cottage in which he was born and the grounds around it had been preserved by the government, and we stopped off to visit it.

Poison in Your Makeup

Most of the mainstream hair sprays, deodorants, nail polishes and perfumes that millions of people use every day contain these harmful chemicals. Phthalates are also employed as plastic softeners in many different consumer products, including children’s toys and medical devices.


Support The People’s Weekly World: Bringing you the best working-class, fighting newspaper we can

What you get from the PWW is a unique contribution - linking the ultra right with the thieving system it champions, along with the forces that can change the situation in the U.S. and win pro-people solutions — our multiracial working class and its allies.

Sudan: A crucial time for peace in Darfur, warns UN Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs

Egeland praised the dedication of the AMIS peacekeepers. 'It cannot be right that so many of the courageous men and women serving with AMIS(African Union Mission in Sudan) have not even been paid their salary for two months...'

Angola: No end yet to cholera crisis

Supermarkets in the Angolan capital, Luanda, are struggling to meet the demand for bottled water as citizens try to protect themselves from cholera...(WHO) reported 'a total of 36,721 cumulative cases and 1,335 deaths in 11 out of 18 provinces.'

President of Cuban Parliament condemns anti-immigrant xenophobia

Ricardo Alarcón, president of the National Assembly of People’s Power, has condemned the xenophobic, racist and fascist anti-immigrant tendencies of the Republican administration of George W. Bush.

Cuban View: Common Enemy of Cuban and the US workers resides in the White House

Bush and his inapplicable plan to recolonize Cuba...A plan which for many workers would mean unemployment, management abuses and a lack of social security, among other evils banished from the face of this island since nearly a half century ago.

The Surveillance State Is Misdirected

In the midst of probably the greatest crime wave in history the target of the Bush Surveillance State is obviously misplaced. The greatest enemy of the US Constitution and the American middle class way of life are not citizens, but US global corporations. 

Remembering North Korea, Part III

We jolted our way over the dusty roads to a collective farm some hour’s drive outside of Pyongyang. Along the way groups of boys and girls would draw up stiffly, when they saw us coming, their hands straight along their sides and bow their heads.

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