Abstaining from Sex Education Politics

Earlier this month the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) held a conference on sexually transmitted diseases. The conference was slated to include a panel discussion entitled “Are Abstinence-Only Until Marriage Programs a Threat to Public Health?”


A Portrait of the Current International Juncture in Broad Strokes

On the third anniversary of United States aggression against Iraq, the world is on the verge of another international political crisis and a new war waged by the world’s biggest superpower against another sovereign nation, Iran.

Immigration Solutions Lie Beyond Our Borders

If we don't start developing a long-term strategy for lifting up living standards in our neighboring countries now, we can expect the same excruciating debate, ridden with knee-jerk remedies and crackpot xenophobia, for years to come.

Slaves to the 'Free Market' Unite: Can Humanity Make a Stand Against Capitalist Imperialism?

'...the United States continues to mouth empty platitudes about spreading freedom and democracy, pompously lecturing other nations on human rights, and hypocritically determining which nations are too “evil” to be trusted with nuclear technology'

New Estimate of Venezuela's Total Oil Reserves Makes It the Grandest of Grand Prizes for US

With the information now available and published here, I feel more certain than ever that US instigated serious trouble is heading toward Venezuela and maybe harsher than we might expect.

Cuba: Scholars to Provide Hemingway Papers to US Library of Congress

The careful work by Cuban specialists to preserve documents belonging to the Ernest Hemingway archive will make it possible for the delivery of copies of over 22,000 pages of writings by the author to the John F. Kennedy Library of the US Congress.

RNC Line on Impeachment: Verily, This Is That

Black is white. War is peace. Impeachment is good for Republicans. Haven't you heard? The Republicans say so. The Democrats say so. It just must BE so.

Colombia: Uribe’s Race Against Himself

Speculation over whether incumbent Alvaro Uribe will continue as Colombia’s president has long disappeared. After winning an extremely controversial high court decision allowing him to stand for reelection, Uribe has found few obstacles in his path.

Working America Comes to Rochester, Minn., and Allentown, Pa.

Working America gives working families that lack the benefits of union membership the opportunity to join forces with the AFL-CIO’s 9 million members in the fight for good jobs, health care, retirement security and more.

Nurses to Rally to Protect Freedom to Have a Voice at Work

An unfavorable decision by the NLRB...would allow employers to reclassify nurses and other workers as “supervisors” to avoid recognizing or bargaining with their unions.

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