A Revolutionary Analogy

Bush's Radical Right agenda could well include: Repeal of the National Labor Relations Act; destruction of workers' rights to sue for damages when they're hurt on the job a.k.a. 'tort reform;' baseball-style 'arbitration' of labor disputes; more unilateral bans on unions in the name of 'national security;' and --last but not least--privatization of public services, thus killing unions where they are now growing.

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Major battles await new Congress

Although hopes to wrest the House and Senate from right-wing Republican control were not realized on Nov. 2, the Bush administration may find some stumbling blocks in pushing their agenda through Congress. The stage is set for major battles, given majority public opinion in opposition to privatization of Social Security, tax breaks for the wealthy, the war on Iraq, and appointment of extremist judges.

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Arafat's Legacy

From his earliest days as a student activist, to his later roles as chairman of the Palestinian Liberation Organization and president of the Palestinian Authority, Arafat devoted his entire life to the cause of his people’s freedom, to an end to the cruel U.S.-backed Israeli occupation of Palestinian lands seized in the 1967 war, and to the cause of national liberation and peace.

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The New York Times and I

Political Affairs contributing editor Norman Markowitz corresponds with the New York Times, the major ruling class newspaper in the country and, even though they advertise that they publish 'all the news that’s fit to print' they never see fit to print his letters. These are some recent letters on topics that PA readers may find interesting.

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Rice Appointment Signals Hard Right Turn

Did George W. Bush actually mean the comparatively encouraging comments he recently made about a possible Israeli-Palestinian peace deal — when Bush said he wanted to use his political 'capital' to create a democratic Palestinian state during his second four-year term — or had only said this to help out his buddy, Tony Blair.

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Risks Far Outweigh Benefits of Privatized Social Security

Social Security is about to be sold off to the highest bidder. Wall Street can barely wait to get its hands on the $940 billion in fees (according to one estimate) that it will collect if Social Security is converted into individual investment accounts, as President Bush's Commission on Social Security has proposed.

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Book Review – Disturbing the Peace: The Story of Father Roy Bourgeois

This is a gripping account which shows one man’s gradual transformation from war to non-violence and from non-violence to passive resistance and active suffering. It is also a compelling story of courage and passion of a man to close a school whose sole purpose is to train death squads and assassins in Latin America and now in the Middle East.

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US Pounds Fallujah, Sparks Humanitarian Crisis

The Iraqi Red Crescent Society has called on the US and Iraqi interim government forces to allow it to deliver foodstuffs, medicines and water a civilians who have decided to stay in Falluja, because of the disastrous conditions in the city, and have been refused, according to ANSA.

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Easy Riding to Revolution – Review of The Motorcycle Diaries

The Motorcycle Diaries: Notes on a Latin American Journey was written by Ernesto Guevara (he had not yet become 'Che') from notes he made when he was 23 years old and traveling from Cordoba in Argentina to Caracas in Venezuela in late 1951 through the summer of 1952 with his friend Alberto Granado on the latter’s motorcycle.

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Maurice Clarett Gets ESPN-DED

Maurice Clarett didn't know what hit him. This past week, the former Ohio State running back came clean to ESPN The Magazine to reveal all that's rotten in one of the NCAA's premier programs. Clarett dropped dime on the perks of big time College Football, making Ohio State sound like an amusement park operated by Tony Soprano.

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