Don't Let Frances Newton Die

The state of Texas is scheduled to execute Frances Newton on Dec. 1 for the April 1987 murders of her husband, Adrian Newton and children Alton and Farah Newton in Harris County. If executed, Newton would be the first African-American woman Texas has put to death since the state resumed executions in 1982.

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American Elections: Bad News and Good

The election of George Bush for a second term in the White House is a big setback for democratic forces, not alone in the United States itself but right across the globe. George Bush is nothing more than a puppet for the most bellicose forces centred around the giant corporations in what is known as the military-industrial complex.

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Another Pyrrhic Victory for White Supremacy

What can really be said about the 'morality' of those who oppose abortion and the right of women to control their bodies, national health care insurance, and affirmative action programs but at the same time support capital punishment, economic inequality with the most extreme income gap between 'haves' and 'have-nots' of any industrial nation, racism, both structural and otherwise, and the criminal invasion of Iraq, and white supremacist visions of world hegemony?

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Major battles await new Congress

Although hopes to wrest the House and Senate from right-wing Republican control were not realized on Nov. 2, the Bush administration may find some stumbling blocks in pushing their agenda through Congress. The stage is set for major battles, given majority public opinion in opposition to privatization of Social Security, tax breaks for the wealthy, the war on Iraq, and appointment of extremist judges.

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No Mandate, No Surrender

Several months ago most pollsters predicted that the margin of difference between Kerry and Bush would be razor thin. I can’t recall anyone projecting a landslide for either candidate, let alone a major political realignment nationwide. Guess what? They were more right than wrong.

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The Red Menace

Many liberals think that a new 'Red Menace' is facing America – not that there ever was an old one. Waking up Wednesday morning (Nov. 3) and seeing the map of the red versus the blue states was pretty depressing. If there were any election the Democrats should have swept to victory in it was the 2004 election.

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International Perspectives on the US Election

GEORGE W Bush’s re-election to the White House spells trouble not only for working people in the US but for the rest of the world. His triumph represents victory not only for the unwholesome alliance of queer-bashers and misogynists that makes up the Christian right but also for the military-industrial complex, including the oil lobby.

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Bye Bye American Dream (print)

Never before has the divide between our nation’s richest and poorest been so large. Never before has corporate corruption and welfare been so flagrant. Therefore, we watch with rapt attention and desperation the unfolding of the American Dream on so-called reality TV, distracted from the fact that the Dream’s rewards are more fiction than fact nowadays.

First Impressions of the Election: What We Should do

Although there is both anger and despair at the election results among all anti-Bush forces, it is important that we think and act as Marxists. The first question we should ask is: what would Marxists do in analyzing this election. Elections are mobilizations in the class struggle and the Republican leadership understands that, dealing with this election both as a military campaign and as psychological warfare.

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No Manadate for Bush Agenda

Bruised but unbowed by labor’s failure to oust George W. Bush in the Nov. 2 election, AFL-CIO President John Sweeney told a news conference here that the movement will 'fight like hell' to stop Bush’s ultra-right agenda in his second term. 'Yesterday’s election was breathtakingly close. There is clearly no conservative mandate for our nation,' Sweeney said.

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