The US Legacy in Iraq

U.S. forces in Iraq have to be rated as competent at what they are designed to accomplish: killing people, destroying things, and bringing chaos out of order. To date, efforts by the U.S. to recreate a stable, new order that meets the immediate needs of the population, have lagged significantly.

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US Military Attacks Worshippers in Baghdad

Abu Talat calls me frantic. The deafening roar of hundreds of people in a confined area yelling, 'Allahu Akbar' (God is Greatest) reverberate behind his panicked voice. 'I am being held at gunpoint by American soldiers inside Abu Hanifa mosque Dahr,' he yells, 'Everyone is praying to God because the Americans are raiding our mosque during Friday prayer!'

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US Pounds Fallujah, Sparks Humanitarian Crisis

The Iraqi Red Crescent Society has called on the US and Iraqi interim government forces to allow it to deliver foodstuffs, medicines and water a civilians who have decided to stay in Falluja, because of the disastrous conditions in the city, and have been refused, according to ANSA.

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Iraq's Economy is Cause of Another Kind of Violence

Violence is taking a heavy toll in Iraq, but everyday economic difficulties could be hurting people more. Nearly 20 months into the occupation, Iraqis find themselves in a desperate situation, with countless struggling to survive.

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A Post-Election, Pre-Combat Letter

Being the first soldiers into a high-risk combat zone is not the most comfortable feeling. As the morning is just beginning and the first haze of light is glowing through the horizon's mist, I am filled with despair and fear. Not because of the job at hand that I know will be both challenging and dangerous, but because I have learned of the results of the 2004 United States Presidential Elections.

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Genocide without victory in Fallujah

THE people of Falluja dig amongst the rubble of their homes, destroyed by the aerial bombardments and artillery attacks of the United States. They are searching for their dead. Meanwhile, the Marines are practicing urban warfare in order to launch an assault that will lead to their victory over the insurgent city. The omens are clear. October has been one of most bloody months for the occupation forces.

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Fallujah Invasion Nears

The intensity of air raids on the Central Iraq city of Fallujah continued to crescendo overnight as some 10,000 US Marines prepared for what is expected to be a massive urban assault on the city that has been most resistant to foreign occupation. But as American troops, accompanied by hundreds of Iraqi personnel, get ready to move, international words of caution have come streaming toward the United States.

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Fallujah and the Reality of War

The assault on Fallujah has started. It is being sold as liberation of the people of Fallujah; it is being sold as a necessary step to implementing “democracy” in Iraq. These are lies.

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