Bush's Plan for Regime Change in Cuba

I'm living in a war zone, but what I see when I look out the window of my apartment in Havana , Cuba does not resemble the pictures in the papers of the war in Iraq . No missiles have been fired here, there are no camouflaged soldiers in the streets with guns, no armored tanks roll by.

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Don't Let Frances Newton Die

The state of Texas is scheduled to execute Frances Newton on Dec. 1 for the April 1987 murders of her husband, Adrian Newton and children Alton and Farah Newton in Harris County. If executed, Newton would be the first African-American woman Texas has put to death since the state resumed executions in 1982.

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America: Two conflicting conceptions of security

The importance the US attached to counter-terrorism is understandable. Since the 'September 11' terrorist attack, the United States has always regarded anti-terrorism as the focus of its security policy, hoping to root out terrorism in and outside its borders. But the United States also realizes that it cannot accomplish this by relying on its own strength alone.

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Bush Assault on Minimum Wage

Bush’s success in reducing the value of the minimum wage in each of the past four years has wreaked havoc with the lives of millions of working Americans, but it does not exist as a media story. The minimum wage loses value as the cost of living rises. Were the government to take action to partially correct for this loss in value, the media would cover that story, but would refer to it as 'raising the minimum wage.'

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Free-market Religion or Ignorance?

Eduardo Porter, writing in the Sunday (11/21/04) New York Times, seeks to explain the theory that religion is so popular in the US due to supply-side economics. Just like any commodity competition the commodity of religion is so wide spread due to the competition between its suppliers. This is a new view, Porter says, replacing the older view that the more educated the more secular a country becomes.

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Fight Night in the NBA

I don’t think we’ll be hearing the 'NBA Action is Faaaantstic' slogan revived anytime soon. The aftermath of the most violent player/fan brawl in US sports history has met with the hand wringing we usually associate with Janet Jackson’s right breast. The fight between several members of the Indiana Pacers and a garrison of Detroit Pistons fans veered wildly from the frightening to the ridiculous.

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National Treasure Still Missing

Wild and incredible legends of secret societies – Templars and Masons – hidden passages in ancient churches, coded rhymes and encrypted historical documents have been popularized by such writers as Dan Brown in his best-selling controversial novels, Angels and Demons and The Da Vinci Code.

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American Elections: Bad News and Good

The election of George Bush for a second term in the White House is a big setback for democratic forces, not alone in the United States itself but right across the globe. George Bush is nothing more than a puppet for the most bellicose forces centred around the giant corporations in what is known as the military-industrial complex.

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Don't Let Bush Rob Social Security

Social Security isn’t broken, but Washington is full of reformers looking to fix it. Many, especially those who favor privatization, claim that the retirement of baby boomers and budget problems will cause the Social Security Trust Fund to run out of money. Ideologically driven claims rather than facts, however, lie at the heart of the pro-privatization arguments.

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US Military Attacks Worshippers in Baghdad

Abu Talat calls me frantic. The deafening roar of hundreds of people in a confined area yelling, 'Allahu Akbar' (God is Greatest) reverberate behind his panicked voice. 'I am being held at gunpoint by American soldiers inside Abu Hanifa mosque Dahr,' he yells, 'Everyone is praying to God because the Americans are raiding our mosque during Friday prayer!'

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