An American Scam: The Disaster Of Relief

HOW quickly and easily those in power manage to divert our attention from the real issues of the day, and from the questions that are more inconvenient for themselves.

We Charge Genocide: A Brief History of US in the Philippines

Except during the 1960’s when the Filipino-American War of 1899-1902 was referred to as “the first Vietnam,” the death of 1.4 million Filipinos has been usually accounted for as either collateral damage or victims of insurrection against the imperial authority of the United States.

BRIGADES of Workers and Witnesses

Now is the time for activists across the country to take action to save New Orleans from instant gentrification. There is an unprecedented unity of perspective among progressive political people.

US prepares for war from Australian soil

20,000 US troops...will descend on Shoalwater Bay in 2007 in the Talisman Sabre joint exercises for warfare training and weapons experimentation. Greens leader Bob Brown, labelling the decision 'shocking', said, 'We are not the 51st state of America. It would be better if the US found a bombing range near Crawford, Texas [the location of George W Bush’s ranch] for their exercises.'


US prepares for war from Australian soil

The announcement that the United States will start sending long range B-52 and B-51 bomber aircraft as well as stealth bombers for training exercises – including bombing practice – in the Northern Territory signals the latest stage in preparation for US aggression in the region.

President Fox and Free Trade: What Makes Him Keep Going?

In the wake of the Summit of the Americas in Argentina on Nov. 4-5, relations between Mexico and Venezuela have deteriorated to the point where both countries have withdrawn their ambassadors.

Bordering Autonomy

Last week Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice brokered a deal between Israelis and Palestinians on the Rafah border crossing which connects the 'disengaged' Gaza Strip with the outside world.

Africa Action Calls for UN Mandate for African Union Operation in Darfur

Africa Action today called for a Chapter 7 United Nations (UN) mandate to be extended to the African Union (AU) force in Darfur, Sudan. As new reports from the media and from the UN confirm a sharp increase in violence in Darfur in recent weeks.

Mexico’s Fox Woos Washington at Great Cost

The current spat between Venezuela and Mexico will soon pass, yet it should be seen as far more than a trivial matter, springing as it does from deep roots in the collective psyche of each country.

The Sun's Not Yellow, It's Chicken: Why Torture Makes Perfect Sense to the Commander-in-Chief

Despite the President's pale claims to the contrary, the American government does, in fact, condone the use of torture. The President himself makes this clear when he promises to veto any bill that 'makes it illegal to practice the cruel, inhuman, and degrading treatment or punishment' of people.

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