Five Things You Need To Know About Stress

Whether it’s called stress management, relaxation training, or its newest incarnation, “Resiliancy,” it seems that the question of healthy response to the stress of daily life is on everyone’s mind. But it’s important to remember a few things about stress that are rarely discussed—if known at all!

British Communists Slam Blair Faction of Labour Party for 'Moral Bankruptcy'

'British troops should be withdrawn from Iraq before the 100th soldier dies', Martin Levy told the Communist Party of Britain political committee on Wednesday evening.

CAPITALISM KILLS: Wal-Mart and Amerada Hess

The free enterprise system, AKA the free market, AKA capitalism, is an economic system, as we all know, that is dedicated to maximizing profits at any cost. Neither ethics, morality, honor, the environment, nor human life itself will be spared by this system and its quest to put profits before people (and everything else).

Brazilian President Lula: Remove FTAA talks from the “ideological field”

Brazilian president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva said that discussions for a Free Trade Areas of the Americas, FTAA, must be removed from the “ideological field” and ratified his interest in addressing the more sensitive issues in the framework of the World Trade Organization, WTO.

An American Scam: The Disaster Of Relief

HOW quickly and easily those in power manage to divert our attention from the real issues of the day, and from the questions that are more inconvenient for themselves.

Japanese government backs away from the promise of nuclear weapons abolition

A weakened Japanese government resolution calling for nuclear disarmament was adopted by the United Nations General Assembly First Committee with 166 votes for and 2 votes against (the United States and India), with 7 abstentions.

Top Medical Group: Katrina Shows U.S. Public Health Care in Danger

Hurricane Katrina shows the U.S. public health care system, which in the widest sense of the words is supposed to handle milllions of people in event of a calamity, is in great danger.