US prepares for war from Australian soil

20,000 US troops...will descend on Shoalwater Bay in 2007 in the Talisman Sabre joint exercises for warfare training and weapons experimentation. Greens leader Bob Brown, labelling the decision 'shocking', said, 'We are not the 51st state of America. It would be better if the US found a bombing range near Crawford, Texas [the location of George W Bush’s ranch] for their exercises.'

Cuba now has 71,000 doctors

ON November 14 the Ministry of Public Health, in the name of the Cuban people, presented certificates of recognition to the first doctors and dentists who graduated thanks to the Revolution 40 years ago. The oath taken by that group included renouncing private medicine, the duty to expand rural medical services, to promote preventive health care among the population and to providing selfless aid to needy peoples...

Hillary, You're Not Listening: '2005 Critical National Issues Survey.'

Hillary's letter said that she enclosed the questionnaire to help gauge concern about 'the extreme Bush agenda.' But on the central foreign policy initiative of Bush's agenda, she has been complicit. When she voted to authorize the Iraq war, and today when she echoes White House talking points in criticizing advocates of withdrawal.

Israeli nuclear whistle-blower Vanunu speaks about his November 18th arrest

The former nuclear technician made international headlines in 1986 when he revealed to the world that Israel had undertaken a covert nuclear weapons program at the Dimona nuclear facility. His revelations led independent experts to confirm that Israel has 100 to 200 nuclear bombs.

AFL-CIO Rolls Out Solidarity Charter Program to Reunite Local Labor Movements

While discussions with the recently disaffiliated national unions continue, the AFL-CIO is moving forward with a Solidarity Charter program that will unite the labor movement at the local level. The program reflects changes made in discussions with the Change to Win national unions.

Media Watch: Drowning the Hard Questions- A Nova Special

I saw the NOVA special on New Orleans, 'The Storm that Drowned a City.' It gave some useful chronology, but in an hour-long program on the genesis and history of the storm, they avoided raising even the possibility that the Bush administration may have contributed to the disaster.

Open Letter to George

Since August, when I wanted to ask you the question: For what noble cause did you kill Casey and the others, over 200 more of our brave young men and women have been killed in the charade of Iraq. We can only guess how many innocent Iraqis have been slaughtered. You still have not answered my question.

China: Cover-up can't hide murky water truth

As the contaminated swathe of water approached the capital city of Heilongjiang Province, local residents finally heard an apology from neighbouring Jilin Province, where an explosion in a chemical plant belonging to Jilin Petrochemical Corporation on November 13 caused the problem.

Labor Solidarity: Unions Call Delphi Contract Offer ‘Ridiculous’

Delphi, which declared bankruptcy Oct. 8, wants to lower wages by more than 60 percent, making it even harder for workers to pay the higher health care premiums, while salaried employees pay about the same cost for health care premiums next year as they did this year.

Afghanistan: New figures on drug use cause alarm

The survey, conducted by the ministries of counter narcotics and public health over 2005, revealed that there were at least 920,000 drug users in Afghanistan, including about 150,000 who take opium, 50,000 using heroin and 520,000 taking hashish.

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