CAPITALISM KILLS: Wal-Mart and Amerada Hess

The free enterprise system, AKA the free market, AKA capitalism, is an economic system, as we all know, that is dedicated to maximizing profits at any cost. Neither ethics, morality, honor, the environment, nor human life itself will be spared by this system and its quest to put profits before people (and everything else).

Trade Unions Meet in China: A Plea to Act Against Western Hegemony

ORGANISED by the All China Federation of Trade Unions (ACFTU) at Shanghai last month, the “International Forum on Economic Globalisation and Trade Unions 2005” was attended by 27 trade union functionaries from several countries.

The Larger Pension Question Looms

The mainstream press is finally covering the pension crisis with full force, spurred by Delphi’s bankruptcy filing and news that the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has formalized its investigation of General Motors’ underfunded pension obligations.

Time Warner Exploits Child Labor in Mexico

A group of young, mostly female workers in Hidalgo, Mexico, some as young as 13 years-old, who have made Harry Potter and other Halloween costumes with Warner Brother logos, have been illegally locked out for protesting child labor violations, unsafe and unjust working conditions, and the company’s refusal to recognize their collective bargaining agreement.

Supreme Court: Kansas Attorney General is Bush’s Kind of Guy

Kansas Attorney General Phill Kline isn’t a household name yet, but he may be soon. In recent months Mr. Kline has shown that he is the type of judicial nominee that President Bush is looking for.