Depleted Uranium Ammunition May Claim More Lives Than Atomic Bombings

By firing radioactive ammunition, the U.S., U.K., and Israel may have triggered a nuclear holocaust in the Middle East that, over time, will prove deadlier than the U.S. atomic bombing of Japan.


Two Die of Cholera in Baghdad Orphanage

Two Iraqi orphans died of cholera last week in Baghdad, bringing the deaths from this disease nationwide to 23 since it first appeared in August.


House Votes to Bring the Troops Home, Again

The US House of Representatives passed a bill yesterday (11-14-07) that provided $50 billion in war funding. The bill would also mandate a change of direction in Bush's failed Iraq war policy.


Iraqi Refugees in Lebanon Face Prison and Deportation

The UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) puts the number of Iraqi refugees in Lebanon at 50,000 people, of whom only 8,476 are registered. Another 500 are being held in prison, it says, merely for violating immigration rules.


More Outrage in Iraq, More Billions Down the Drain

Tensions over U.S. killings of civilians in Iraq received another jolt with reports that American forces killed 17 civilians and wounded several dozen others, including old people and children, in Baghdad’s impoverished Sadr City neighborhood Oct. 21.

Party Over for Blackwater in Iraq

The Iraqi government approved on Tuesday a bill that will remove immunity from foreign security companies in that Arab country, cabinet spokesman Ali Debbagh reported.