Standing Up for Public Education

The No Child Left Behind Act has generated widespread frustration and resentment among teachers and administrators at the state and local level, but the opposition now goes beyond educators.


Environmental Impact of Paving and Road-building

The history of paving dates back to Roman times if not earlier, but our modern society has taken the practice to the extreme.


Toxic Chemicals and Kids' Toys

Recent concerns surrounding toxic chemicals in children’s toys have focused on “phthalates” (pronounced THA-lates), a group of chemical compounds typically added to plastics to increase their softness and flexibility, and bisphenol A.


Slavoj Zizek on the Dilemmas of Capitalism

Slavoj Zizek begins his new article in the London Review of Books (11-15-07) with the words, “One of the clearest lessons of the last few decades is that capitalism is indestructible.”


Congress Must Change Racist Crack Cocaine Laws

Does the number 1 equal 100? In common math it does not, but when you are talking federal drug sentencing it unfortunately does. If you distribute just five grams of crack, it carries a minimum five-year federal prison sentence.


Bush Veto Hits Working Families, Women

Bush issued just the sixth veto of his presidency on a bill that funds an array of social programs that aid working families. He is demanding huge cuts to programs ranging from education, health, nutrition, and low-income assistance.


Confronting Bush on Social Spending

Bush is threatening to kill a bill that would increase funding for veterans' mental health programs, displaced worker retraining, Head Start, college financial aid, elementary and secondary education programs, special education programs for students with disabilities and much more.


Can Mother Nature Make a Comeback?

It is true that Mother Nature has amazing powers to restore her ecosystems, and most scientists agree that it would be nearly impossible for humans to destroy the Earth itself, despite our success at wreaking environmental havoc.


Glossy Magazines Pose Environmental Hazard

It’s no secret that glossy coatings on magazine covers make pictures really “pop” and attract the eye, thus helping publications compete for attention on ever more crowded newsstands.


'Preppy Killer' Faces More Time for Drug Sales than the Murder he Committed

Robert Chambers served 15 years in prison for the notorious murder of Jennifer Levin in 1986. He claimed that he accidentally strangled Levin during rough sex.