Censored Anti-War, GLBT Veterans Groups March without Incident

Censored groups Veterans for Peace, Greater Atlanta Chapter 125 (VFP) and American Veterans for Equal Rights Georgia (AVER) both marched in the Georgia Veterans Day Parade held in downtown Atlanta on Sunday, November 11, 2007.


Somalia: What the News Failed to Report

The people of Somalia are enduring yet another round of suffering as Ethiopian forces wreck havoc in the capital, Mogadishu.


Toxic Chemicals and Kids' Toys

Recent concerns surrounding toxic chemicals in children’s toys have focused on “phthalates” (pronounced THA-lates), a group of chemical compounds typically added to plastics to increase their softness and flexibility, and bisphenol A.


Make Universal Health Care a Key Part of the Electoral Struggle

Last week in Chicago, more than 100 Healthcare-NOW activists came together to plan our strategy for quality single payer, guaranteed choice, national healthcare during the coming year. We also launched our first SiCKO-Cure Road Show.


Canada: Military Communities Speak out Against War

A new and effective voice has joined the broad movement against Canada's role in the occupation of Afghanistan, with the launching of Military Communities Speak Out (MCSO).


How the Labor-led People's Movement Can Change America

Are we entering a new stage of struggle in our country in which the convergence and interaction of political events, movements, and processes of an immediate and medium term nature contain the possibility of throwing the class struggle on a new political trajectory?


Chavez: Reform Strengthens Venezuelan State in Fight against Neo-Liberalism

Speaking to national and international media at a press conference at the Miraflores Presidential Palace yesterday, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez denied opposition claims that proposed constitutional reforms are aimed at increasing personal power.


Bush Veto Hits Veterans

Using just the sixth veto of his presidency, George W. Bush blocked passage of the Labor-HHS-Education funding bill this week. In addition to a myriad of social programs from health care to education, this bill provided funding for key veterans' health care programs.

New Progressive Media Web Site to Launch

We are writing to invite you to participate in a groundbreaking new media project: The People Media Project, aimed at promoting a broader and more balanced understanding of global issues, conflicts and concerns.


Cargo Ships in Paradise: Shipping Lanes Threaten Our Yosemites on the Sea

Imagine if someone put a superhighway through Yosemite. That’s exactly what’s happening just outside the Golden Gate. Our Yosemites on the sea are being used as on-ramps to the global economy.

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