New Progressive Media Web Site to Launch

11-16-07, 10:20 am

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE : A People Media Project to Launch Soon LONDON/SEATTLE/BARCELONA - We are writing to invite you to participate in a groundbreaking new media project: The People Media Project, aimed at promoting a broader and more balanced understanding of global issues, conflicts and concerns. With board members including a diverse range of internationally-renowned intellectuals and activists – such as Noam Chomsky, John Pilger, Vandana Shiva and Arun Gandhi – this project aspires to become the largest and most influential of its kind anywhere. (visit to view full list of advisory board members). Dedicated to dialogue, democratic discourse and the availability and viability of such values in today's media, the project characterizes itself as the facilitator of productive communication between a large array of experts who represent diverse views – especially those often overlooked or discounted entirely by the media – and existing media channels.

It will utilize the proficiency of hundreds of people in many fields – democracy, human rights, politics, health, the environment, and much more – to make possible a wider and more informative discourse about such issues. The database on our website will provide a conduit that enables scholars, experts and activists to present their profiles to media producers worldwide. This would give them access to the media in times where their particular expertise and knowledge in specific areas are needed. Media producers would be able to find these individual profiles through, and we would also circulate daily press releases to worldwide media networks and channels, passing on to them the profiles of individuals who may be able to comment on current events. By subscribing to, media producers will gain access to scores of scholars, activists and experts, while the latter would find opportunity to regularly share their views on crucial issues to broad audiences around the world. Please visit our website – for further details on how to become involved. Contact us: