Could Iran Redefine Euro-American Relations?

The problem is that Europe has been enchanted by America's spread of dollar-democracy and through it has become America's closest 'ally'. Europe's formal political figures no longer represent the voice of the people


'Preppy Killer' Faces More Time for Drug Sales than the Murder he Committed

Robert Chambers served 15 years in prison for the notorious murder of Jennifer Levin in 1986. He claimed that he accidentally strangled Levin during rough sex.

Cuba: Historic Victory against US Blockade

Cuba's victory against the US blockade has a special value because of the moment in which it has been achieved, Cuban Foreign Minister Felipe Perez Roque said on Tuesday.


Canada: Throne Speech Advances Far Right Agenda

Far from being a 'moderate' policy statement, the Oct. 16 Throne Speech revealed the determination of Stephen Harper's Conservatives to drive full speed ahead with their far-right agenda.


Cristina Fernandez, Argentine President-elect, Talks about Hillary

First lady Cristina Fernandez, in her first televised interview since winning Argentina's presidency, thanked her husband for his role in her triumph and wished Hillary Rodham Clinton well in her U.S. election bid.

Bolivia Building Biodiversity Center

The Bolivian government is supporting a center for the much-dreamed ecological and academic study of natural and cultural biodiversity, local authorities reported.

Party Over for Blackwater in Iraq

The Iraqi government approved on Tuesday a bill that will remove immunity from foreign security companies in that Arab country, cabinet spokesman Ali Debbagh reported.