Iraq: Compensation for Damaged Property Inadequate, Say Diyala residents

Residents of Diyala Province, northeast of Baghdad and adjacent to the Iranian border, say the payments they will get from the Iraqi government are insufficient compensation for the damage caused to their property by US and Iraqi forces in recent military operations.


Observing Our Government Through Blackwater

Scahill has the ability to tell the story of one little corner of corruption and through it provide an understanding of the overall military industrial media congressional complex. The corner of corruption he focuses on is Blackwater.


Gen. Petraeus Didn't Betray Us, Bush Did

In his nationally televised speech on September 13th, attempting to shore up support for his failing Iraq war policy, President Bush looked America in the eye, and without smirking, said, if the US military leaves Iraq, 'Iraq could face a humanitarian nightmare.'


George Packer's 'Planning for Defeat': An Analysis of a Plea for Occupation

The journalist George Packer has an article ('Planning for Defeat') about the situation in Iraq in the September 17, 2000 issue of The New Yorker. It is very informative, but unfortunately, veers from reportage into advocacy.


New Cholera Cases in Northern Iraq, says Health Ministry

The number of suspected cholera cases in northern Iraq continues to rise, but the outbreak has so far been limited to three provinces, a Health Ministry official said on 15 September.


Baghdad Residents Call for Protection of Homes from Militant Raids

Some families in Baghdad have asked the Iraqi government to do more to protect their homes as raids by militants in local neighborhoods become more common, and defensive neighborhood checkpoints are themselves targeted.


Iraq's Food Rationing System Failing

The monthly food rationing system on which millions of Iraqis depend is not working properly, according to officials.

The Jones Commission and the Path to Peace in Iraq

To keep the unpopular Iraq war going, the Bush administration has created a catch-22-type public debate: we'll keep the war going as long as their is evidence of success, but not too much.


The Shiite Power Struggle: Hardly Good News for the US in Iraq

The decision made by Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr to halt his Mahdi Army’s attacks on occupation forces and Iraqi security is likely to be considered the single most promising breakthrough for the US military in Iraq.


IRAQ: Violence, poverty, unemployment fuel rising alcoholism

As the violence continues in Iraq, many people have been turning to alcohol to relieve their stress, say observers.

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