After Petraeus: Congress Bedazzled, The People Betrayed

The multiply-repeated statements from Gen. Petraeus and Ambassador Crocker almost sidelined the usually central Bush administration's justification for the occupation of Iraq -- the so-called “global war on terror.'


Bush Calls for Long-Term Occupation of Iraq

The debate over the Iraq war is heating up again. This past week, General David Petraeus and Ambassador Ryan Crocker delivered what most observers described as unsatisfying and even 'dodgy,' to quote one military instructor at the Naval War College, reports to Congress on the situation in Iraq.


Atlanta: Protestors Criticize WSB-TV Grady Forum

'It’s a town hall meeting, but the town isn’t invited!' Terence Courtney, director of Atlanta Jobs with Justice, said. 'They’re running from us. We want a [true] public process.'


Assault on Communist Forces in Europe

In Hungary, a state court is threatening to imprison the entire leadership of the Hungarian Communist Workers’ Party (HCWP) for having committed 'libel in a public place', while in The Netherlands, an exiled leading member of the Filipino Communist movement, José Maria Sison, has just been arrested on trumped up murder charges.


Baghdad Residents Call for Protection of Homes from Militant Raids

Some families in Baghdad have asked the Iraqi government to do more to protect their homes as raids by militants in local neighborhoods become more common, and defensive neighborhood checkpoints are themselves targeted.


Laura Ross (1914-2007): an Appreciation

If there ever is a Marxist version of the 'Trivial Pursuit' board game, it will have to include the following question: 'Name the Communist candidate who opposed House Speaker Thomas P. 'Tip' O'Neill in more than one general election, and received 25 percent of the vote?'

assets/_resampled/CroppedImage100100-phpgMuQaH.jpg Isn't the Problem, Bush's War Policy Is

Republicans are mad about's ad questioning the Bush administration's politicization of General Petraeus' congressional testimony. Fine. But that diversion doesn't help us understand what was in Petraeus' testimony.


AHA Security Forces Activist out of Tenants’ Meeting

Activist Terence Courtney, director of Atlanta Jobs with Justice, was forcibly escorted out of a residents’ association meeting by Atlanta Housing Authority (AHA) security on Wednesday, August 22, 2007.


Why Democrats Need to be Proactive on ’08 Voter Schemes

Don’t think that just because there’s not another Bush presently running for office that there won’t be anymore black voter purge. It appears to that quite a few of you still don’t actually believe this happened, after all, the mainstream media hasn’t focused on this.


An Imperial Democracy

Judging by the documents that remain to us, Thucydides (460-396 B.C.) was the first philosopher in history to discover power as a human phenomenon and not as a virtue conferred by the heavens or demons.

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