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Marx and the Muslim Brothers by Thomas Riggins

How should one respond to the claim, made by Sheri Berman a political science professor at Barnard College, that Islamists such as the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt are "Marx's contemporary successors"? [Oped- New York Times 8-10-13: "Marx's Lesson for the Muslim Brothers"]

America’s Hope Against Hope

NEW YORK – After a hard-fought election campaign, costing well in excess of $2 billion, it seems to many observers that not much has changed in American politics: Barack Obama is still President, the Republicans still control the House of Representatives, and the Democrats still have a majority in the Senate.

Bloice's Quote of the Day -- Nation Editorial

Quote of the DayOctober 8, 2012'To win the 2012 elections, progressives mustimmediately wage court fights, organize electionmonitoring and, above all, get every eligible voterregistered and to the polls.

Money Master

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Impact of the 2012 election outcome and conduct on the main challenges facing working people

The Socialist Education Project (SEP) of the CCDS (Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism) is initiating a series of discussions on the theme:

We're All in the Same Boat? On the Topic of Obama, the GOP Can't Even Blush Anymore

If Hollywood gave Oscars for shamelessness, the Republican responses to President Obama's State of the Union speech last night, Jan 24, would have swept the field.

Paul Krugman -- Bloice's Quote of the Day -- Nov 27, 2011

Quote of the Day November 26, 2011'Still, don't some of the very rich get that way byproducing innovations that are worth far more to theworld than the income they receive? Sure, but if youlook at who really makes up the 0.1 percent, it's hardto avoid the conclusion that, by and large, the membersof the super-elite are overpaid, not underpaid, forwhat they do.'For who are the 0.1 percent? Very few of them areSteve Jobs-type innovators; most of them are corporatebigwigs and financial wheeler-dealers.

September 11. Be Wary of Tricks

September 11: Beware of Rituals and Clichés Norman Markowitz Yesterday was the tenth anniversary of the September 11 attack.

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