Impact of the 2012 election outcome and conduct on the main challenges facing working people

The Socialist Education Project (SEP) of the CCDS (Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism) is initiating a series of discussions on the theme:

Impact of the 2012 election outcome and conduct on the main challenges facing working people ----
 and, the the key impact of the key peoples movements on determining what that conduct and outcome will be.

This will be an important series and please try to attend--and spread the word!

This will be Saturday April 14th at 1pm Eastern, 12 noon, Central and 10 am Pacific time

The first in this series will be: 

Rising  Inequality: between the 1% and .1%, and the 99%; between nations; classes; races; nationalities.; between generations; between educated and non-educated.

Reading for this session:  Click to open:

The following in this series will be:

  • A. Jobs for the unemployed with an emphasis on youth, especially minority youth,  and seniors.
  • The corruption of democratic institutions and social organization and its opposite: the programs and organizing of economic and political empowerment of working people.
  • The Path to a Green and Environmentally Sustainable Future and its Implications for politics, culture,  and economy -- including the split of total wealth between public and private:  lifestyle.
  • Strategy for Peace

The main movements are:

Labor and unemployed organizations and programs, Occupy, African-American, Latino, Asian-American, Native, Women’s ,LGBT, seniors, environmental and peace political action organizations and their respective bases in the democratic party, as well as Left and Independent (Green and other) formations active in one or more levels of the 2012 elections.

For Peace and Justice,


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