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Morning Star Article on Egypt

One-sided Coverage Obscures Real Issues

Marx and the Muslim Brothers by Thomas Riggins

How should one respond to the claim, made by Sheri Berman a political science professor at Barnard College, that Islamists such as the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt are "Marx's contemporary successors"? [Oped- New York Times 8-10-13: "Marx's Lesson for the Muslim Brothers"]

Egyptian communists come out of hiding

After decades of repression going back to the Nasser regime, the Egyptian Communist Party announced this week it will be going public:

Congratulations to the people of Egypt

The Communist Party USA congratulates the people of Egypt for their great people’s victory.

Congratulations to the people of Egypt

With overwhelming joy and deep satisfaction, our Party along with the Iraqi people have received the resounding victory achieved by the revolutionary Egyptian popular masses, forcing the tyrannical head of the regime of oppression, injustice and corruption to comply with their will and hide, out of sight and away from the arena where the new history of Egypt, the Arab region and surrounding area is being made.

Disorderly Transformation Required in Egypt

The Amazing Egyptian Revolution, Morning, 11 Feb. 2011, 'Day of Farewell'

New Podcast: Egypt's struggle for democracy

On this episode, well play a recorded discussion of the events in Egypt and their causes, the roles of the youth movement, new information technologies, the Egyptian labor movement, and what steps people the United States can take to show solidarity with the Egyptian people in their struggle for freedom.

More on Egypt: Sec. Clinton Interview with NPR

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