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'There are Marxists in India?'

Economist Prabhat Patnaik says moving back to an economic 'golden age' is impossible, so we must invent new solutions.

Happy Rapture Day

As you know a certain religious organization announced that today would be the end of the world, that people who were born again and had faith in God would be caught up in the rapture that marks the end of the world.

Imaginary debate over Keynes and Marx

First speaker:  Keynes has an under-consumption theory of unemployment (to relate the classic Marxist under-consumption vs overproduction debate on crises).Second speaker:American Marxists have in their majority plumped for good ol' Keynesian pump-priming as a solution to the unemployment problem.

You Can't Separate Marx and Lenin

In what was  on the whole a very fine article on  what Communist parties and Communists should do to adjust to 21st century realities, Sam Webb suggested that we should begin to call ourselves Marxists as against Marxist-Leninists.  Others(not Sam) have suggested that the word Communist itself be removed from...

A Rant From the Christian Left

In 1968 my UAW local (Local 122, Chrysler Stamping Plant, Twinsburg, OH) broke ranks with the national union and voted to endorse Robert Kennedy instead of Hubert Humphrey.

Spontaneous mass fightback explodes

The contradictions inherent in the movement of capitalist society impress themselves upon the practical bourgeois most strikingly in the changes of the periodic cycle, through which modern industry runs, and whose crowning point is the universal crisis.

More on Marxism and science

In a recent article I argued for being skeptical about equating Marxism with science.

Next stop on the Red School Bus Tour: New Haven

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White supremacy basis for attack on whole working class in Wisconsin, Michigan , et al

Below is my comment on the following quotation from:

Stalin, Murder and Unity

Lenin's leadership team was amazingly diverse.

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