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Jobs crisis, not a deficit crisis

Some will say the plan isn't bold enough.

Stealing from workers...

This new piece by Steelworkers President Leo Gerard cuts to the chase about the Republican Party's agenda in Congress:

Reckless GOP Obstructionism Means No Easy Choices

The following is a few days old, but it still makes sense.

Health Care Heresies

Now that the Republicans and their neofascist fellow travelers have taken control of the House they have set them themselves the goal of repealing the recent health care reform the Democrats enacted.

Elections and the environment

When Republican Party leaders defended BP from public demands that it pay for its oil spill and be held accountable for the massive damage it caused in the Gulf of Mexico, they showed their loyalty to their biggest corporate backers: Big Oil.

AZ Prison lobby colludes with GOP politicians on anti-immigrant law

Uncovered in Arizona: Private Prison Lobby Colludes with GOP Pols to Pass Anti-Immigration Law, Line Their Pockets

Don't be fooled: Republicans pose direct threat to Social Security

Corporations and billionaires who control a network of right-wing, Republican Party think tanks and Tea Party organizations are demanding more tax breaks for themselves, blocking climate change legislation, and are pushing to destroy Social Security.

Don't give Republicans the chance to go after Social Security

Republican congressional candidates are itching to pull the trigger on Social Security should they gain power, a fact that makes our participation in these elections as important as ever.

Corporations hate Obama

A measure of who is going in the right direction....

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