Elections and the environment

When Republican Party leaders defended BP from public demands that it pay for its oil spill and be held accountable for the massive damage it caused in the Gulf of Mexico, they showed their loyalty to their biggest corporate backers: Big Oil.

Drill, baby, drill became drill, spill and we don't care if the people have to eat poisoned seafood or live in sludge – as long as the profits and campaign cash roll in.

While only the simplest mind would say this election was a referendum on environmental issues, the Republican Party leadership is already planning an anti-environmental agenda that will be a major setback for job creation programs, small businesses, and energy consumers.

Simply put, global warming denying, Big Oil loving hacks control the House. And according to recent media reports they are already planning to cut a special House panel on global warming, launch repetitive, time-wasting, and taxpayer-dollar-costing hearings to block, stall, or derail any administration initiatives on clean energy job-creating programs, climate change policies, and energy waste solutions.

Republican leaders are intent on forcing the EPA to roll back policies that are reducing smog, mercury pollution in your water, and pollution. And you can expect them to try to block the EPA's court-mandate role in reducing carbon emissions that cause global warming.

As the Natural Resources Defense Council pointed out, at least eight in 10 Americans want clean energy alternatives, higher fueled standards, and more energy efficient homes and offices – policies President Obama has supported and expanded, while Republicans have whined about "cap and tax" and "drill, baby, drill." California voters staunchly defended their state's global warming law against Big Oil money.

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