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Workers of the World, Unite to Save the World

From the start, Communists around the world have prided themselves on international solidarity, on placing the needs of the working class as a whole above the needs of any one section of the class.

Capitalism vs. the Climate

reprinted from the Nation

Investments in Green Energy Grows Globally

Global investments in green energy up nearly a third to $211 billion

Cuba Boosts Use of Renewable Sources of Energy

HAVANA, Cuba, Jun 21 (acn) The vice minister of the Basic Industry, Juan Manuel Presa, said on Monday that Cuba will continue to boost the use of renewable sources of energy, particularly eolic (wind) energy.

5 Myths About Environmental Regulation

Conservatives and some pro-business groups (usually major multinationals who also happen to be big polluters) argue that some of the following things will happen if the government steps up its legally-mandated role to regulate environmental pollution, for instance carbon emissions that cause global warming.

Environmental Group Praises Obama Admin. for Vetoing Mountaintop Removal Coal Mine

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Vetoes Proposed West Virginia Mountaintop Removal Mine

Global warming produces cold weather extremes

Right-wing thick heads like to joke that global warming is good because it makes the weather nicer.

Elections and the environment

When Republican Party leaders defended BP from public demands that it pay for its oil spill and be held accountable for the massive damage it caused in the Gulf of Mexico, they showed their loyalty to their biggest corporate backers: Big Oil.

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