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Thoughts on moving forward from the "Budget Control Act"

It's clear that Republicans intend to use the Super Committee process to go after Social Security and Medicare.

[Update] Broadly speaking: "Gang of Six" Plan slashes Social Security

So everybody loves the "gang of six" suddenly.

Hands off Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid

From Strengthen Social Security:

Hands off Social Security

Here's a statement from the AFL-CIO:

GOP Agenda: End Medicare AND Social Security

This note from labor-affiliated Alliance for Retired Americans:

A tale of three budget plans

Yesterday, President Obama outlined a fiscal policy proposal to reduce the federal debt by $4 trillion.

A Bad Budget Deal for the People

President Obama has struck a deal with the Republicans that is reminiscent of the policies associated with George HW Bush and Bill Clinton, that is, to reduce public spending in major areas while in a less direct way, taxation.

Broadly speaking: Rational views on the Republican's anti-working families budget plan

-----HOUSE BUDGET PROPOSAL IS POLITICAL AND DISINGENUOUSPurports to balance the budget but slashes programs for the poor, maintains tax breaks for the wealthy(Washington, D.C.) Following is a statement by Alan W. Houseman, executive director of CLASP, the Center for Law and Social Policy, regarding the U.S. House budget proposal for FY 2012.

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