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President Obama boldly moves on immigration reform

The following is a press statement from SEIU on President Obama's immigration reform speech today given in El Paso, Texas.

Protest corporate stranglehold on states

Did you ever wonder how clueless, ultra-conservative state lawmakers come up with complex bills full of complicated language designed to screw you out of your rights and opportunities? For example, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, who many say is not the sharpest knife in the drawer, presents lawmakers with a budget bill designed to take away worker rights, raise taxes on working poor and middle-class taxpayers, cut vital social programs like Badger Care and undermine public schools and higher education in flowery legalese.

Venezuelan Official Refutes Myths

Congressman Carlos Escarrá Denounces Distortions About Supposed Political Prisoners

Is democracy inherent in socialism?

Original post: PeoplesWorld.org

Congratulations to the people of Egypt

The Communist Party USA congratulates the people of Egypt for their great people’s victory.

Congratulations to the people of Egypt

With overwhelming joy and deep satisfaction, our Party along with the Iraqi people have received the resounding victory achieved by the revolutionary Egyptian popular masses, forcing the tyrannical head of the regime of oppression, injustice and corruption to comply with their will and hide, out of sight and away from the arena where the new history of Egypt, the Arab region and surrounding area is being made.

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