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New Podcast: Egypt's struggle for democracy

On this episode, well play a recorded discussion of the events in Egypt and their causes, the roles of the youth movement, new information technologies, the Egyptian labor movement, and what steps people the United States can take to show solidarity with the Egyptian people in their struggle for freedom.

More on Egypt: Sec. Clinton Interview with NPR

QUESTION: So, thanks for taking the time to talk to us.

Egyptian Artists and Intellectuals Demand Mubarak Step Down

Under the title “The solution to the Crisis begins with the Stepping Down of Mubarak,” a group of intellectuals, artists and writers signed a statement demanding the stepping down of Mubarak right now as the only solution to the current crisis and turmoil.

21st Century Socialism is 21st Century Democracy

If we focus COMPLETELY on the democratic tasks before the working people, socialism will take care of itself in due course.

Earth's elections

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Call to Action -- 26 Days to Get Out the Vote

Call to Action -- 26 Days to Get Out the Vote

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