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Health reform and communities of color

Affordable Care Act Delivers Better Preventive Care to Communities of Color By Dr. L. Toni Lewis

Imaginary debate over Keynes and Marx

First speaker:  Keynes has an under-consumption theory of unemployment (to relate the classic Marxist under-consumption vs overproduction debate on crises).Second speaker:American Marxists have in their majority plumped for good ol' Keynesian pump-priming as a solution to the unemployment problem.

Labor calls for next step in health reform – single-payer coverage

Remarks by AFL-CIO Executive Vice President Arlene Holt Baker, National Nurses United Press Conference, America Health Security Act, Washington, DCMay 10, 2011

Ending Medicare is GOP's pet project

People with longer memories than most will recall there have been three major Medicare fights in the past 16 years.

Health reform benefits that went into effect Jan. 1 2011

Republicans want to repeal the following health reform benefits:

Health reform benefits put in place last year

Republicans want to repeal the following benefits (see DrsforAmerica.org) put in place by the health reform law:

Republican Repeal of Health Reform Would Harm Women

House Push to Repeal Health Care Law Would Hurt Women’s HealthPlanned Parenthood Opposes House Bill to Repeal Health Care Law

Doctors Say Yes To Health Reform, No To Repeal

Doctors Say Yes To Health Reform, No To RepealThousands of Physicians and Medical Students Show Their Support for Health Reform

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