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Don't let the Republicans repeal the health reform law

Labor affiliated Association of Retired Americans (ARA) released the following as part of its campaign to mobilize opposition to the Republican Party's attempt to repeal the health reform law:

Just some of the health benefits Republicans want to repeal

Under new Medicare provisions, retirees will get free annual check-ups, recommended preventive services, and new discounts on Rx drugs.

Judge with ties to Palin/GOP candidates rules health reform unconstitutional

After two other judges ruled health reform constitutional, Henry E. Hudson, a federal judge in Virginia, who has just ruled against the law seems to financial ties to Sarah Palin and numerous other Republican Party bosses who campaigned against or voted against health reform.

If Wall Street reform was so meaningless, why do they want to roll it back?

Here is a new report from McClatchy on Wall Street expectations for Republicans in the new session of Congress:

But I thought they were all the same...

Here's what Boehner and his anti-choice followers want to do:

The Wall Street Journal just loves, loves, loves capitalism

Two stories from this Wall Street Journal this week reveal a rather low level of journalistic quality at that Republican Party aligned publication.

Party of No/Party of Wall Street

The following item was recently posted at OurFuture.org.

In Case You Missed It

Health reform created a new:

New York Times Article on Obama Out of Line

An article in the today's NYT (6-22-10) crosses the line between reporting and Glen Beck style defamation against President Obama.

Teabagger myths about health reform debunked

From FactCheck.orgWe’ve seldom seen a piece of legislation so widely misrepresented, and misunderstood, as the new health care law.

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