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John Gray, David Hawkes and the Myth of Progress by Thomas Riggins

 John Gray is a British social philosopher who, in the words of David Hawkes, puts forward an "uncompromising challenge to the myth of progress." Hawkes (an English professor at Arizona State) has recently published an essay, "Backwards into the future" in the TLS (8-30-2013) which is a sympathetic presentation of...

More on Marxism and science

In a recent article I argued for being skeptical about equating Marxism with science.

Marxists and Marmots

How often do we hear that socialism sounds like a good idea but it doesn't work in practice because of human nature.

Health Care Heresies

Now that the Republicans and their neofascist fellow travelers have taken control of the House they have set them themselves the goal of repealing the recent health care reform the Democrats enacted.

Earth's elections

“Commissioner Zlzch, Second Class Viewer Tlnxp is here.”

God is a metaphor

It's official.

Rethinking the quest to "maintain U.S. global leadership"

In response to WaPo article posted below.