Rethinking the quest to "maintain U.S. global leadership"

In response to WaPo article posted below.

In response to WaPo article posted below. I think U.S. global leadership exists and countries will look to our government and capitalist class because of their position economically and militarily. But maintaining "U.S. global leadership" simply out of jingoist or nationalist reasons or a "we're # 1 posture" is a bad idea; multilateralism and global cooperative development of green technologies even if this means more of a shared model of global partnership with a host of other countries based on goals and joint peace-related projects rather than force, militarism, power is a better model for avoiding the pitfalls and dangers we now face.

--Joel Wendland

President Obama's national security strategy looks beyond military might
By Karen DeYoung
Washington Post
Thursday, May 27, 2010

Military superiority is not enough to maintain U.S. strength and influence in the world, and the United States must build global institutions and expand international partnerships beyond its traditional allies, according to a new national security strategy prepared by the Obama administration.

Maintaining U.S. global leadership will also depend on a strong domestic economy and a commitment to "education, clean energy, science and technology, and a reduced federal deficit," the White House said in talking points summarizing the strategy document, which is scheduled for formal release Thursday.

The new doctrine represents a clear break with the unilateral military approach advocated by the Bush administration after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks. Bush tempered that doctrine toward the end of his presidency, but the Obama doctrine offers a far broader definition of national security.

While military advantage will remain "a cornerstone of our national defense and an anchor of global security," the strategy calls for "new partnerships with emerging centers of influence" and a "push for institutions that are more capable of responding to the challenges of our times," the summary said. At home, the strategy recognizes "American innovation . . . as a leading source of American power."

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