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Why does the working class have to pay for Wall Street's crisis?

The international financial crisis of several years ago cost  finance capital trillions of dollars, even though the US bailed them out with 15 to 20 trillion dollars (the same US that allegedly owes a big chunk of its national debt to the banksters it bailed out; shouldn't we have gotten a forgiveness of the "debt" we "owe" them ?) Even with the bailout there was a big loss to finance capital.

Nationalize the monopolies

The Wall Street bailout of the biggest financial institutions to the tune of 12 trillion dollars or more was justified by the claim that certain financial companies were "too big to fail." The term and definition of "too big to fail" comes from the finance capitalists and their financial ministers.

If Wall Street reform was so meaningless, why do they want to roll it back?

Here is a new report from McClatchy on Wall Street expectations for Republicans in the new session of Congress:

The Wall Street Journal just loves, loves, loves capitalism

Two stories from this Wall Street Journal this week reveal a rather low level of journalistic quality at that Republican Party aligned publication.

Party of No/Party of Wall Street

The following item was recently posted at OurFuture.org.

Millions for Republicans who block reform

In his recent blog post over at OurFuture.org, Zach Carter digs into which Republicans are getting big Wall Street cash to block the President's reform agenda.